Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized yourself?
Why does that happen?
How come I can’t see me?
Damn.. something I use to ask a lot.
Look at who you’re becoming.
Do you like it? Are you satisfied?
I am never satisfied.
I keep creating myself and try to be someone I am not.
I keep trying to start over. Whats my name? No.. who am I?
Can I be honest with you? I just want to know why?
Life, a beautiful struggle. My struggle is beautiful.
This year has been real.
My name is unfolding.
Wait, what happen? Who am I? Low point.
Life, a beautiful STRUGGLE.
Hold your head high. You can do it. You will make it. People do care. You have to care. Do this for you.
Smile. Live Life. You’re blessed.
Do your best. Don’t let them take away your name.
Don’t let yourself destroy your name.
Make a name for yourself and shine. 

- Nigel “Marcellus”

lost boy who got fly w/o peter pan.

He always knew he had potential, but the world did not want him to believe it. 
He felt the world was against him.
He believed that his love ones didn’t understand him.
He felt like his friends couldn’t relate to him.
He was the lost boy.
He tried to make several break throughs to regain his confidence.
It was nonexistent.
Since he was little he was battling his confidence.
Ups and downs, ups and downs, more downs than ups it felt like.
He didn’t know what to do.
Peter pan never came.
He lost hope.
He never gave up.
He found a passion.
It wasn’t a sport, it was an art.
He listen to music.
He put feelings to words, he put thoughts to words.
He wrote it down and got it off his chest.
He talk to people about it.
He slowly was adjusting to the world.
He realized the best way to understand himself was by expressing himself.
He met supportive people.
The dark clouds had a silver lining.
He learned more about perspectives.
He looked at the world differently.
The world wasn’t against him… he was against himself.
His family never left him.
His friends were always there.
He believed in himself.
He did unbelievable things.. slowly but surely.
He always has the thoughts in the back of his head, but they are just temporary.
He knows that he can overcome anything he undergoes.
He’s not afraid to ask for help.
He’s not afraid to take time to look at the blessing and enjoy the simple things in life. He isn’t perfect, but he knows how to make life seem perfect.
He has trust issues but he still trust people.
He knows what he’s doing.
He’s learned to fly without peter pan. 

- Nigel “Marcellus”

This shit ain’t fair
I wish I could share
A couple Ks, a couple Ms
To get them out.
Without a doubt
They deserve better.
These children are faced with more than they should handle.
These children are faced with more than they could handle.
We need to help them out.
Too many are easily defeated.
Others are faced with silence or uncontrollably conceited.
Hear their low key shouts.

I feel y’all, don’t give up. We do care about y’all. I know you are often over looked but you are not defined by what you are faced. You can overcome anything you undergo. It is easy to give up but harder to keep pushing. We are here, supporting you. Whatever you need, we are here.

- Nigel 


I hungered for things that I haven’t been able to achieve.
I took a leave to see if I could find what I believe.
You see, I couldn’t see.
Now that I’m older I realize what I’m chasing.
It’s something that everyone is facing.
I want to find a true friend and paradise.


If I knew how to play the piano, I would make it cry right now..

- Nigel

Sometimes, just sometimes..

My heart cries,

My mind overthinks,

& my soul is locked.

I still smile and try to inspire others though. 


We Need Change

Let me leave you with this statement
You are more blessed than you know
There are children in our country and in the world who are in poverty
Children who are forced to lose their youth and innocence to become something better to provide
Brothers and sisters sticking together to protect one another from the world
Some only child right now is holding their tears because crying won’t help them
Wake up, you are blessed.
Your not living in a car or in a park.
You have food on your table.
You have people who care about you.
Take time to look at how blessed you are
Than help share that blessing with others
Tell friends, tell parents, tell the world..we need change.
We need to stop worrying about what we don’t have & appreciate what we have
Tell your politicians to worry less on the rich and more on the poor
Help change the world and unify the world together
Keep love alive and strong.


(Source: lux4short)

Judgmental People, poem for you

What is ugly but a judgmental comment
Who am I to say how someone is perceived
Beauty is based on the eye of the beholder
Give me a moment to break down this fact
If two people see ugly but one sees beautiful 
Who is right? 
I’ll tell you, the one standing alone is right. 
Everything is beautiful in its own way
Sometimes you just need a deeper vision
Open your eyes see what is unseen
For, I see the world for what it is 
But I also see the world as it can be
Many say the world is ugly and a fucked up place
See, you have it wrong
The world is beautiful, it’s the people who make it ugly. 
Our actions control the fate of the world 
The world will end when no one cares for it
Don’t get me wrong, all people are beautiful but not all peoples actions are. 
Open your eyes and see that if you don’t start caring, your child will live in trash. 
Don’t do it for you, do it for the future generation
Take time to appreciate the world and clean it. 
Take time to appreciate each other and show love

- Nigel

(Source: lux4short)

First thing of poetry I ever wrote.

I am not a product of my environment

I am a product of positivity that the world has provided. 

See, the world is such a lovely place

But the people cover it with the shadow of hate. 

We live in a generation where we judge on appearance,

Not by the concept of character one holds inside of them .

The world is beautiful and more people need to see this. 

When the cause of change is combined with positivity. 

Anything is possible by any individual

I am the builder who makes my own doors in life

It can be a team effort or solo project but I will open the door.

The sun shines bright on the other side.

& I will shine when the door opens. 

- Nigel

(Source: lux4short)